Carmageddon 2: The 405 shutdown sequel

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Live Updates

405 updates

Check back here for live updates on traffic conditions, closures, and whatever happens, or doesn't happen, during the weekend shutdown of a stretch of the 405 Freeway.

KPCC coverage of the 405's shutdown sequel

Carmageddon 2 FAQ

Have questions about this weekend's shutdown of a portion of the 405 Freeway? We've got answers.

10 alternatives to staying at home during Carmageddon 2

There are many options this weekend other than not driving on the 405. There are several outdoor activities, a book fair, or you could win a big prize at the Dodger game. Check out our little list...

ARTmageddon: Discovering your neighborhood art scene in Los Angeles

More than 200 L.A.-based artists and organizations want Angelenos to take advantage of Carmageddon 2 this weekend.

Metro pushes discounts to steer drivers away from the 405

Hundreds of Southland businesses are hoping to cash in during this weekend’s ‘Carmageddon 2‘ - from hotels to museums to sandwich shops. Metro has listed venues that plan to offer discounts as part of a plan to get drivers to avoid the 405 freeway.

Construction crews ready for start of Carmageddon 2 Friday night

Carmageddon 2 starts Friday night on the Westside. Metro project manager Mike Barbour said crews are already along the freeway with excavators, retaining walls, cranes and lights.

‘Carmageddon 2’ is coming: Will it be hype or hysterics?

On a July weekend in 2011, the biggest story in Los Angeles was the closing of a freeway. Caltrans, the state agency responsible for California’s traffic infrastructure, had plans to rebuild a section of the 405 near the Sepulveda Pass on L.A.’s west side. But the 405 is one of the busiest freeways in the world – over 300,000 cars travel on the stretch of the 405 that connects the L.A. Basin with the San Fernando Valley each day.

How to maintain your sanity this Carmageddon weekend

He's known as Dr. Roadmap and he's the author of "Survive the Drive," a guide to beating traffic and road rage in Southern California. He's got some advice for Angelenos and visitors

Say goodbye to almost all those pesky helicopters during Carmageddon 2

There will be very little news chopper activity over the Sepulveda Pass during Carmageddon II this weekend. Southland television stations - including KABC, KTLA and KMEX - have agreed to share footage from a single helicopter camera recording the demolition of the north side of the Mulholland Drive Bridge on the 405 Freeway.

'Carmageddon 2’ is just one part of a much bigger project to improve the 405

There’s been so much talk about ‘Carmageddon - the Sequel’ ... but we’re not just talking bridges here. Welcome to the Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project, a billion dollar plan to wipe out gridlock and spruce up the nation’s busiest highway.

Just what LA needed: a huge triathlon Sunday during Carmageddon 2

While officials are pleading with Los Angelenos to stay off the roads, 2,500 athletes from 29 states and 13 countries will descend on our streets for a triathlon Sunday.

Preparation in full swing for Carmageddon sequel

Transportation agencies are gearing up for ‘Carmageddon 2’ this weekend. Beginning Friday evening they’ll partly shut down the 405 freeway to demolish the north side of the Mulholland Bridge.

Too much hype for Carmageddon 2 or not enough?

Carmageddon Two is just days away, when once again the 405 will be shut down in West Los Angeles for 53 hours.

Free health clinic to treat patients despite 405 freeway closures

The annual free medical and dental clinic is returning to the L.A. Sports Arena this week. It continues through the weekend during Carmageddon 2, when Caltrans will shut down the 405 northbound between the 101 and 10 freeways, and southbound between the 101 and the Getty Center.

Carmageddon troublemakers: CHP’s ready for you

Expect more patrols on and around the 405 freeway this weekend as ‘Carmageddon 2’ gets underway.

Southland leaders predict upcoming ‘Carmageddon' sequel bigger, bolder than the first

Southland transportation authorities are urging motorists to brace themselves for “Carmageddon 2” — coming in late September.

Carmageddon 2: The end of the world returns Sept. 29-30 to the 405 Freeway

Mark your doomsday datebooks, Metro has announced that the I-405 Freeway will be closed in both directions, between the 10 and the 101, over the weekend of Sept. 29-30. Plan dinner parties accordingly.

Metro, the FBI and why Carmageddon 2 is running late

Mark your doomsday datebooks, Metro has announced that the I-405 Freeway will be closed in both directions, between the 10 and the 101, over the weekend of Sept. 29-30. Plan dinner parties accordingly.

Metro, the FBI and why Carmageddon 2 is running late

We survived "Carmageddon," but are we ready for an extended spin-off of long-term closures when the 405 freeway's Wilshire Blvd. ramps project begins next month? Also, what will we name this new traffic calamity?

Current Traffic Map

Want to know where to expect delays as you head out this weekend? Check a live map of current traffic conditions. Check our traffic map!

Carmageddon Playlist

Stuck at home on a forced staycation this weekend? Fear not. We asked our music critics Ann Powers, Drew Tewksbury, the Off-Ramp staff and our loyal Twitter and Facebook fans to send us their picks of music to survive the 405 shutdown by. With their help, we put together this playlist full of songs about Los Angeles, traffic and driving in general. Enjoy!