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Brand & Martínez for September 14, 2012

The 14-minute trailer for "Innocence of Muslims," has been seen by millions on YouTube. What we know about the filmmakers and the unrest it's causing in the Middle East.; It's been two weeks since China's designated new leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping has been seen in public, stoking speculation about his whereabouts.; A looks at the wizards behind some of the most recognizable sounds in your favorite coming attractions.; After weeks of failed negotiations, the NHL may be on the verge of a player lockout. Every fall hundreds of painters across the country compete in the Federal Duck Stamp contest. LAUSD's John Deasy aims to encourage drop-out students to return and finish their education.; Georgian judge Steve Teske will join the show to discuss his meeting with LAUSD and law enforcement officials today.; Author Pauls Toutonghi joins the show to talk with Madeleine Brand about his new novel, "Evel Knievel Days."; Meghan McCarty's got your Weekend Alibi.; Finally, a roundtable discussion about the week's top stories.