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Cash for clunky appliances program kicks off today

Cash for Clunkers is long gone, but Cash for Appliances kicks off today in California. The rebate program, funded through the Federal stimulus, will distribute $35.2 million in rebates to consumers who buy an Energy Star-rated Tier 2 or 3 appliance, mail in a sales receipt and prove they disposed of their old appliance with a recycler, retailer or municipality. Rebates run from $200 for refrigerators; $100 for clothes washers; $50 for air conditioners, should cover about 300,000 appliances and generate at least $100 million in economic activity. If that’s not enough, the state Energy Commission promises that your new appliance will more than pay for itself in the money you’ll be saving in utilities bills. Interested? You’ll have to act fast—sister programs in Texas and Florida burned through their vouchers in less than two days.