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Dear diary: a humorous look at the musings of Osama bin Laden

We’ve learned about al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s diary entries on planning mass casualty terrorist attacks, on continuing the global jihad in the face of American aggression and his musings on the state of Islam. But what about the mundane details of bin Laden’s five years hiding out in Pakistan? Did he complain about being trapped in close quarters with his wife (wives); did he spy on any of his neighbors; did he long for the simple pleasures of the outside world, like a big flat screen TV or a BLT on rye bread? KPCC and Patt Morrison have obtained exclusive access to bin Laden’s diary and we will bring you excerpts of the al Qaida leader’s life behind the walls of his Abbottabad compound. From his demands that his kids clean up the living room to his long deliberations on what robes to wear for a given day, Patt goes beyond the pesky terrorism stuff and drills down on the life of Osama bin Laden.