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Peter Bart’s tales of the movies and the mob at Paramount

In 1967, Peter Bart made a risky decision to leave his job as a reporter at the New York Times and go to work at Paramount with his friend, the legendary Robert Evans. As inexperienced as they were, the two of them set about to breath new life into the studio of Hitchcock, Wilder and DeMille. When Bart left Paramount in 1975, the studio had completed a remarkable run with such films as The Godfather, Rosemary's Baby, Harold and Maude, Love Story, Chinatown, Paper Moon, and True Grit. But sex, drugs, management infighting, runaway budgets and even the Mafia provided Bart with plenty of chaos and company turmoil during his years at Paramount. This is the stuff of Peter Bart’s new book “Infamous Players,” a story told from the unique vantage point of 5 decades in the movie business.