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Oklahoma Sheriff And Deputies Resign Over 'Dangerous' Jail

| "The condition of the jail is such that it does not comply with constitutional standards," Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett told reporters after tendering her resignation.

Border Patrol Starts Releasing Asylum-Seeking Migrants To South Texas Streets


The move is an apparent return by the government to the practice President Trump has called "catch and release" and promised to end when he was a presidential candidate.

Gorsuch Provides Decisive 5th Vote In Case Interpreting Treaty With Indian Tribe


On a conservative court, Justice Gorsuch has been one of the most conservative voices. But in cases involving Indian treaties and rights, he is most often sympathetic to Indian claims.

Supreme Court Broadens The Government's Power To Detain Criminal Immigrants


The ruling responds to two class-action lawsuits brought by legal immigrants who served criminal sentences and then were detained years later.

Supreme Court To Take Up D.C. Sniper Case, Raising Issue of Sentencing Minors


Lee Boyd Malvo was convicted in the 2002 killings and is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. But he was a minor, and the Supreme Court says that's not allowed in most cases now.

Police Officer Can't Pull Over Driver For Giving Him The Finger, Court Rules


A Michigan woman was engaging in constitutionally protected free speech when she made a crude hand gesture, a federal court ruled.

Frank Cali, Reputed Gambino Crime Family Boss, Is Killed In N.Y. Attack


In a killing that echoes mob murders of the 1980s, a man who was believed to be running a Mafia family was gunned down outside his home in Staten Island.

Ton And A Half Of Cocaine Seized At Port Of New York/Newark


Authorities say 60 packages of the drug worth about $77 million on the street were found in a shipping container.

Killing of USC Student Heightens Awareness of Safety


The killing of a USC student near campus over the weekend has some students thinking about their own safety and what the campus is doing about it.