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Excessive force legal claims plummet at LA Sheriff’s Department

| Excessive force cases cost L.A. County more and more money each year, but recent dramatic drops in legal claims against the Sheriff's Department suggest that could change.

Episode 1: A Burglar Accuses an Officer


On the morning of April 4, 2011 a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy shot a suspect who tried to run from the scene of a burglary. The deputy told investigators the burglar pointed a gun at him. The burglar, who later pleaded guilty, claims the officer planted a gun to justify the shooting.

LA Sheriff's Dept. believes someone stole gun after fatal shooting of 16-year-old


Officials say deputies saw a handgun tucked into the teen's waistband. A foot chase ensued, and when he turned back toward them, they fired. No weapon has been recovered.


Police make last push to resolve Natalie Wood's death


Sheriff's Lt. John Corina said that many witnesses have come forward since the case was reopened in 2011 but it remains an investigation into a suspicious death and not a murder case. Corina suggests this will be the last effort to resolve how Wood died.

Larry Nassar sentenced to up to 125 years additional prison time


In his third and final criminal sentencing, the judge told Nassar, who has admitted to molesting girls, that he will likely never be reformed.

Antelope Valley man dies while being arrested by sheriff's deputies


It happened in the backyard of a Lake Los Angeles home. The man was wanted on a felony charge of making criminal threats.

LAPD officers seize meth burritos from driver


A driver who was stopped for a traffic violation had 14 packages that were wrapped in foil to look like burritos — but actually contained methamphetamine.

8-year-old remains calm despite knife to her chest


Natanyah Garcia says she was afraid she'd die but remained calm as a man grabbed her and held a butcher knife to her chest in the Echo Park Walgreen's.

Thieves swipe $165,000 in jewelry from John Stamos' fiancee


Police say burglars stole $165,000 in jewelry from a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel that was occupied by actor John Stamos' fiancee.