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After daughter's 'unimaginable' death, Parkland family moved to action

/Schentrup family photo
| Carmen Schentrup was a senior, one week away from her 17th birthday, when she was killed. Her family reflects on her life, death and why "missing her doesn't feel like enough any more."

Sister of Charleston shooter Dylann Roof arrested after menacing social media post


After a Snapchat post saying she hoped students participating in a walkout to protest gun violence "get shot," Morgan Roof, 18, was taken into custody on drug and weapons charges.

Joshua Tree couple who housed kids in desert shack get new home


The 73-year-old man and 51-year-old woman face child endangerment charges, but say said they're not abusive, just poor.

Man who bid for border wall contract charged in Minnesota mosque bombing


Michael Hari has made a stunning array of headlines over the years. An alleged co-conspirator said they wanted to scare Muslims "out of the country." No one was injured.

Florida AG will seek death penalty for Parkland shooting suspect


Nikolas Cruz, 19, has already been charged with 17 counts of murder in the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Public defenders had sought to avoid a trial by having Cruz plead guilty.

Pasadena police chief retires amid ongoing scrutiny of the department


The department has come under scrutiny in recent years amid heightened protests over police violence against young black men.

Grandson will get Charles Manson's body


A court ruled that Jason Freeman can retrieve Manson's remains, which have been on ice in the Bakersfield morgue since he died in November.

$2.7 million settlement in traffic stop killing by LA Sheriff’s deputy


Deputy Nathan Gillespie said he shot Miguel Hernandez because he feared he was reaching for a gun. But officials say Gillespie failed to call for backup or take time to assess the situation.


Deadly Austin package explosions are probably connected


In the last two weeks, three package bombs have killed two people in Texas. Police say the blasts have marked similarities.