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Ex-Dallas Officer Charged With Murder Of Unarmed Black Neighbor

| Amber Guyger is believed to be the second Dallas police officer charged with murder in the past 45 years. She faces up to life imprisonment if convicted.

New Mexico Resident's ID Temporarily Rejected as 'Foreign' By D.C. Clerk


A spokeswoman for the Washington courts system apologized for a failure to recognize New Mexico as a state.

Dispatch tape and witness accounts lay out a chaotic scene and response to Borderline mass shooting"


The initial response to the Borderline was textbook example of quickly confronting a dangerous gunman. But at just a few minutes in, the hurried confrontation ground to a halt.


St. Louis Police Officers Indicted For Beating An Undercover Colleague


The September 2017 acquittal of a white police officer charged with killing a black suspect led to protests during which the beating outlined in the indictment occurred.

Ex-Florida Police Chief Sentenced To 3 Years For Framing Black Men And Teen


Raimundo Atesiano wanted to reduce his town's crime statistics, so he ordered officers to arrest innocent people for a slew of unsolved burglaries. "I made some very, very bad decisions," he said.

Supreme Court Appears Ready To Make It Harder For States To Confiscate Property


The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday about one of the few remaining provisions in the Bill of Rights not yet applied to the states: the ban on excessive fines.

White House Asks Supreme Court To Fast-Track Ruling On Transgender Military Ban


It's not the first time that the administration has asked the Supreme Court to intercede in the appeals process.

Moldova To Minnesota: Man Allegedly Faked Death For $2 Million Insurance Payout


Igor Vorotinov had been living in Moldova after allegedly faking his death there in 2011. He was brought back to Minnesota on Saturday by U.S. law enforcement.

Judge Says Federal Law Against Female Genital Mutilation Violates U.S. Constitution


A federal judge in Michigan dropped most charges against a doctor accused of female genital mutilation, concluding that Congress "overstepped its bounds" when it passed a law banning the practice.