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Larry Nassar sentenced to up to 125 years additional prison time

Scott Olson/Getty Images
| In his third and final criminal sentencing, the judge told Nassar, who has admitted to molesting girls, that he will likely never be reformed.

Antelope Valley man dies while being arrested by sheriff's deputies


It happened in the backyard of a Lake Los Angeles home. The man was wanted on a felony charge of making criminal threats.

LAPD officers seize meth burritos from driver


A driver who was stopped for a traffic violation had 14 packages that were wrapped in foil to look like burritos — but actually contained methamphetamine.

8-year-old remains calm despite knife to her chest


Natanyah Garcia says she was afraid she'd die but remained calm as a man grabbed her and held a butcher knife to her chest in the Echo Park Walgreen's.

Thieves swipe $165,000 in jewelry from John Stamos' fiancee


Police say burglars stole $165,000 in jewelry from a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel that was occupied by actor John Stamos' fiancee.

Wheelchair athlete hurt in marathon gets $4 million


Former Olympian Craig Blanchette says on the morning of the race, organizers narrowed part of the course by eliminating one lane without telling the racers.

Advancing face-swap technology blurs more lines


Users are pasting the faces of celebrities onto actors in pornographic videos. And the law can't keep up.


Judge finds woman not guilty of driving her twin off a cliff


Alexandria Duval, who was accused of deliberately driving off a cliff and killing her identical twin sister, Anastasia, was found not guilty of murder.

Missing California woman found on 'The Bachelor'


Police didn't have to look far to remove Rebekah Martinez from the missing person list. She has been appearing on TV show since January.