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Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years for securities fraud

Elizabeth Williams/AP
| The former "Pharma Bro," who has often appeared defiant in court, wept and pleaded for a light sentence. But the judge split the difference between recommendations by the prosecution and defense.

Retired LAPD officer accused of workers' comp fraud


L.A. police say a retired officer has been arrested on suspicion of defrauding the city out of more than $200,000 in a phony workers' compensation scheme.

Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to conspiracy, tax and bank fraud charges


The judge also pressed Robert Mueller's team about why it had brought 18 charges against Manafort and whether they could streamline the case.

No charges for ex-LAPD officer who killed Brendon Glenn


Despite a recommendation from LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, former Officer Clifford Proctor won't be charged in the 2015 killing of an unarmed homeless man in Venice.


The guy who allegedly stole Frances McDormand's Oscar plans to fight the charges


A lawyer for Terry Bryant said, "There's a big difference between holding an Oscar and what he's charged with."

FBI paid Best Buy's Geek Squad to flag child pornography


Is the FBI using paid informants as a way to get around the Fourth Amendment? The case of an Orange County doctor has revealed details about the agency's links to Best Buy.

Charles Manson's corpse won't be on ice much longer


Several would-be heirs and a former pen pal are vying for the corpse that's been on ice since Manson died Nov. 19 in a hospital at age 83.

Cruz formally charged with 17 counts of murder


A grand jury returned an indictment against the 19-year-old for the Valentine's Day massacre at a Parkland high school in which 17 people died and 16 were wounded.

Here's how to prevent the next school shooting, experts say


Hundreds of organizations and experts are calling for a public health approach to school-based violence.