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Trump Extends Deportation Protection For Liberians In The U.S.

| The delay will give Congress time to work on a possible permanent pathway for thousands of Liberians to remain in the U.S.

After Inmate Suicides, Alabama Prisons On Trial


A federal judge already has ruled that mental health care for inmates in Alabama's prisons is "horrendously inadequate." Now he's looking at the system's response to 15 suicides in the past 15 months.

Federal Judge Blocks North Carolina Ban On Abortions Later Than 20 Weeks


The law runs afoul of Supreme Court precedent banning abortion restrictions based on which week of pregnancy the mother is in, the judge wrote.

Kavanaugh Seems Conflicted On Partisan Gerrymandering At Supreme Court Arguments


The court once again appeared divided on whether redistricting could be done on the basis of politics. The newest justice seemed to be at least open to considering it as a problem.


Bump Stock Ban Takes Effect As Gun Rights Groups Ask Supreme Court For Delay


Anyone selling or owning bump stocks could face up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. The devices are now classified as machine guns.

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against 'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett, Angering Police


The TV star was accused of filing a false report of a hate crime. Now, the decision to drop the charges has exposed a stark fault line between Chicago authorities and state and county officials.

The Supreme Court Takes Another Look At Partisan Redistricting


A pivotal retirement and a new conservative majority could give the state legislatures a green light for even more partisanship when it comes to drawing political boundaries.

Who Is Attorney General William Barr?


This is not the first time Barr has led the Justice Department. The seasoned D.C. lawyer has expressed expansive views on the powers of the president — and supported past presidential pardons.

Oklahoma Sheriff And Deputies Resign Over 'Dangerous' Jail


"The condition of the jail is such that it does not comply with constitutional standards," Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett told reporters after tendering her resignation.