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Facebook complaints are a new kind of 911 call

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| From hacking to questionable ads to tech support, police dispatchers in Menlo Park, California get calls from around the world.

Woman at Stephon Clark vigil struck by sheriff's vehicle


Activist Wanda Cleveland, 61, was protesting the death of an unarmed black man who was killed by Sacramento police officers in March.

Rally seeks justice for black man shot by police in backyard


Stephon Clark's fiancee and his young children were among those at Saturday's rally in Sacramento, following outrage over autopsy results which showed he was shot in the back.

California governor pardons 5 men facing deportation


Two of the five ex-convicts fled the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia four decades ago. Pardons do not prevent deportations.

Stephon Clark was shot 8 times, 7 from behind, family autopsy finds


Sacramento has experienced nearly two weeks of protests since the unarmed 22-year-old was killed by two police officers.

Stephen Reinhardt, liberal circuit court judge, dies at 87


Reinhardt made headlines last year after he took a swipe at President Trump's immigration policies, writing in an opinion that an administration order to deport a man was "inhumane."

Funeral for Stephon Clark held as Sacramento unrest continues


More protests are expected Thursday in a city that has experienced nearly two weeks of continuous unrest after the shooting of a 22-year-old unarmed black man by two police officers.

California DOJ to join the investigation into Stephon Clark shooting


The attorney general announced a separate inquiry to review of policies, procedures and practices at the Sacramento Police Department to identify ways to achieve safer outcomes.

SoCal cops charged with selling guns on the black market


Two members of the Gardena Police Department have been charged with illegally purchasing guns and selling about 100 firearms on the black market.