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Bolton: ICC Will Face Repercussions If Action Taken Against Americans

Andrew Harnik/AP
| National Security Adviser John Bolton says the U.S. will do all that it can to protect American citizens from prosecution by the International Criminal Court.

Grand Jury Looking Into Case Of Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe


McCabe faces potential criminal charges after the outcome of an internal investigation. McCabe says he has done nothing wrong and broken no law.

Construction Worker Sues Company, Says He Was Fired For Not Attending Bible Study


The $800,000 lawsuit contends that Ryan Coleman, 34, was required to attend weekly meetings against his wishes. The company said the requirement was not illegal and employees were paid to attend.

Pennsylvania Prisons Locked Down After Staff Exposed To Suspected Tainted Drugs


The case in Pennsylvania follows similar incidents in Ohio and Arkansas in which prison staff and inmates have been exposed to drugs, including fentanyl and K2.

OC Supervisors address illegally recorded phone calls


They vote to investigate jail phone recordings violating attorney-client privilege, and discuss terminating their contract with the company that recorded the calls.


California Becomes First State To End Cash Bail After 40-Year Fight


"Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly," Gov. Jerry Brown said. He first advocated for an overhaul in his 1979 State of the State Address.

How California's housing crisis turned into a homeless crisis


The lack of affordable housing "probably describes more than any other reason why we have a homelessness crisis in California," says one expert. The California Dream project is exploring what cities are doing about it.

Former CDC Director Arrested And Charged With Sexual Misconduct


The New York Police Department told NPR that Frieden allegedly "grabbed a victim's buttocks without her permission" last October.

John Lennon's Killer Is Denied Parole For A 10th Time


A New York State Board of Parole panel said that by murdering a person "beloved by millions," Mark David Chapman "demonstrated a callous disregard for the sanctity of human life."