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'Creepy' Robot Dog Loses Job With New York Police Department

| Following public outrage, the NYPD terminated a $94,000 contract to test a canine-like surveillance device designed to keep officers out of harms way. Critics panned the tech and its potential abuses.

Sheriff Releases Names Of 7 Deputies On Scene Of Andrew Brown Jr. Death


The Pasquotank County, N.C., Sheriff's Office said three deputies who fired shots will stay on leave pending investigations but that it's "obvious" from videos that four deputies didn't shoot.

Lawyer Says Police Didn't Need To Arrest Man Who Died After Being Pinned To Ground


Mario Gonzalez, 26, died in police custody on April 19. Body camera footage showed police pinning him to the ground for several minutes.

3 Men Indicted On Federal Hate Crime Charges In Ahmaud Arbery Killing


Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan face charges of attempted kidnapping and hate crimes in the death of Arbery, a Black man gunned down while on a run last year.

At Supreme Court, Mean Girls Meet 1st Amendment


At issue is whether schools can punish students for off-campus speech. At the center of the case is a teenager suspended from her cheerleading team after using a vulgarity on Snapchat.


Man Dies After Alameda, Calif., Police Pin Him To Ground For Several Minutes


The city of Alameda, Calif., released body camera footage Tuesday showing the police encounter with Mario Gonzalez. He died after being pinned to the ground.

Supreme Court To Take Up First Major Gun Rights Case In More Than A Decade


At issue is how much the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to carry concealed weapons outside their home for self-defense. The case will likely be argued in the fall.

Civil Rights Group Calls On Justice Dept. To Suspend Local Police Grants


A major civil rights group is demanding the attorney general pause federal grants to local police until he confirms they aren't engaging in discrimination, citing more police killings of Black people.

Democrats Ask Justice Barrett To Recuse In Case Involving Nonprofit Donor Privacy


The case involves a conservative nonprofit with ties to a Koch brothers-founded group that gave at least $1 million to fund a campaign to win Senate confirmation of her Supreme Court nomination.