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Online post suggests Toronto rampage suspect may have resented women

Lars Hagberg/AFP/Getty Images
| The suspect posted a chilling Facebook message saluting UC Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger just minutes before plowing into a crowded city sidewalk.

California gun deaths declined between 2000 and 2015, study says


The drop has been driven largely by a decline in gang violence and black homicides, according to a recent rare scientific study of firearm violence.

Man kills mother, then shoots himself after fire at Gardena home, police say


The 25-year-old man, whose name wasn't immediately released, surrendered to police about 7 a.m.

Barstow police shot unarmed black man 10 times, lawyers say


Lawyers for the family of Diante Yarber, killed by police in a busy Southern California parking lot, say an autopsy found he was shot 10 times and died from choking on his own blood as officers delayed getting him medical help.

Lawyer groups criticize DOJ fixes for immigration courts


Immigration attorneys say the Trump administration is ignoring a 2017 federal report that calls for improvements to the immigration court system.


2 former LA Sheriff's officials want Jim McDonnell's job


McDonnell skipped a Saturday forum, leaving the stage to retired Commander Bob Lindsey and retired Lt. Alex Villanueva.


10 pedestrians killed, hit by van in Toronto, police say


Fifteen people were being treated for injuries after the incident. A suspect identified as Alex Minassian, 25, has been arrested. A public safety official says there is no apparent terrorist motive.

Waffle House shooter's dad gave him back guns that had been confiscated


Police revoked Travis Reinking's firearms card but let his father take possession of his guns — if he promised to keep the weapons away from his son.

Sexual harassment at Coachella: Is it everywhere?


"In the three days I was at Coachella, I only spent a total of 10 hours at the actual festival. I was groped 22 times."