California Primary Elections 2012

Voters across California will head to the polls on Tuesday, June 5 to nominate candidates for state and federal office. The state’s new primary system means the top two vote-getters will face one another in November – regardless of political party. Californians will also get their say on propositions related to term limits and a new tobacco tax.

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Los Angeles District Attorney

LA County DA candidates square off in KPCC debate

Five candidates running for Los Angeles County district attorney took to the stage of the Crawford Family Forum Tuesday evening to participate in a debate moderated by AirTalk host Larry Mantle, whose questions ranged from the death penalty to recidivism to medical marijuana.

Los Angeles district attorney race: Carmen Trutanich leads crowded field

He is by far the best known of the half-dozen candidates seeking to lead the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office. But L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich promised when he got elected three years ago that he’d finish that job before running for another.

6 candidates vie to replace Cooley in LA County District Attorney race

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is retiring after holding the seat for more than a decade. The six candidates seeking the top job are Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and Deputy District Attorneys John Breault, Bobby Grace, Alan Jackson and Danette Myers.

LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich mother in hospital — Scheduling no new events in DA campaign

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is scheduling no new events in his campaign for district attorney after his mother was hospitalized.

Shaquille O'Neal endorses Carmen Trutanich for district attorney

Former Lakers superstar Shaquille O’Neal endorsed City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for Los Angeles County district attorney today in a robo call to voters.

Congressional District 30: Berman vs. Sherman

Berman vs. Sherman: 2 longtime Democratic leaders face off in the the Valley

Redistricting and a new top-two primary system that ignores party affiliation has pitted two longtime Democratic congressmen against one another in the House of Representative's 30th District in the San Fernando Valley.

Longtime Democrats Berman-Sherman clash in congressional race

One of the most powerful congressmen in California is in the toughest political fight of his life — a fight with a fellow longtime Democrat.

Berman, Sherman clash in Tarzana debate for 30th Congressional seat

Congressmen Howard Berman and Brad Sherman Tuesday faced off in an often sharply worded debate at Temple Judea in Tarzana. Redistricting has landed the two incumbent Democrats in the same San Fernando Valley district, touching off one of the hottest Congressional races in the country.

Berman vs. Sherman: Another clash in hottest race for Congress

Expect sparks in Tarzana on Tuesday as Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman face off in the hottest Congressional race in the country.

Proposition 28

Proposition 28: A change in term limits for state officials?

California state lawmakers would be able to spend more time in either the Assembly or the Senate, but less time overall in Sacramento, under a proposition on the June 5 ballot.

Prop 28 and the mixed bag of term limits in California

On June 5, voters will get a chance to tweak California’s term limits law. Prop 28 would reduce the total time a lawmaker can stay in Sacramento from 14 to 12 years, but it lets lawmakers serve all that time in either the Senate or the Assembly. The measure has reignited the debate about whether term limits that voters passed in 1990 are working in California.

Prop 28: Should we change the California Legislature’s term limits?

Prop 28 seeks to change California Legislature’s term limits: Should term limits be tweaked in California? One state ballot measure up for vote on June 5 is Proposition 28, which seeks to reduce the amount of time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 years to 12 years.

Proposition 29

Proposition 29: Will new tobacco tax for cancer research go up in smoke?

Under Proposition 29, which is on the June 5 ballot, the tax on a pack of cigarettes would increase by $1 and those additional revenues would be used to fund cancer research and anti-smoking efforts.

Lance Armstrong wrestles big tobacco over Prop 29

Cycling star Lance Armstrong is known for overcoming great physical challenges such as grueling cycling races and his tough fight with cancer, but now the seven-time Tour de France winner is taking on a Herculean battle of different kind… a legislative one.

Prop 29 aims to tax cigarettes & fund cancer research

California voters have been inundated with ads against Proposition 29. The referendum on the June 5 ballot seeks to raise taxes on cigarettes by $1 a pack. The proponents want to make tobacco more expensive so as to discourage young smokers, and to spend the tax revenue on cancer research, smoking cessation, prevention of tobacco-related disease and on law enforcement.

Would a tobacco tax hike convince smokers to quit?

Next Tuesday, Californians will vote on Proposition 29, which would raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes from 87 cents to $1.87. Supporters say the money would go to cancer research and anti-smoking programs that would further lower smoking rates. But a recent federal study shows California uses a very small proportion of its tobacco funds on actually fighting smoking.

Assembly District 39:

AD 39: Alarcon looks for second chance in old Assembly seat

When voters in the state Assembly’s 39th District head to the polls on June 5, they'll see a familiar name on the ballot – that of a politician who previously held the office for 102 days.

Congressional District 44:

CD 44: Redistricting pits 2 Democratic representatives against each other in South Bay

Just one month after Rep. Janice Hahn was elected to Congress’ 36th District, a commission dismantled her district and pushed the former Los Angeles City Councilwoman into a race with fellow Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson.

Assembly District 50:

AD 50: More money, more votes in Westside race?

The newly created Assembly district that stretches from Hancock Park to Beverly Hills and Malibu is one of the wealthiest districts in the state, and now it is also home to an expensive fight between three high-profile Democrats.

Assembly District 46

AD 46: Schools at the center of San Fernando Valley assembly race

An Assembly race in the San Fernando Valley is showing the Democratic party’s division over the future of public education as the California Teachers Association and local party leaders attack a well-funded pro-charter candidate.

KPCC coverage

Will California's 'top 2' system breed more moderates?

Tuesday’s election is the debut of California’s novel primary system known as “Top Two,” a method meant to encourage more moderate candidates. But one political pundit isn’t so sure.

Explainer: How is the June 5 primary election going to work?

Tuesday's vote will be the first ever statewide test of California's new open primary system. Voters created it when they passed Prop 14 in 2010. It means that in races for the US Congress and the state legislature, you can vote for any candidate you want regardless of party.

Hotly contested San Bernardino County supervisor's race defined by political scandal and government ethics

Some of the candidates, amid touting their accomplishments on behalf of the county, have resorted to negative campaigning.

Dianne Feinstein runs stealth campaign for re-election

Because of redistricting, there are quite a few competitive congressional races in California this year — about a dozen seats are truly up for grabs. But redistricting has done nothing to shake up the race for U.S. Senate.

So far, less than one-sixth of Orange County mail-in ballots returned

Nearly half of Orange County’s registered voters send their ballots in by mail. Postmarks don’t count, and with only a few days until next Tuesday, the mail-in returns are trickling in.

What's at stake in Tuesday's primary?

Tomorrow, California voters head to the polls to decide on a host of issues, including the hotly contested Proposition 29, which would raise taxes on tobacco. And there is a big showdown in the Valley, where two incumbent Democrats ended up running for the same seat after redistricting.