2012 Election Results

2012 Election Results

U.S. President

Barack Obama (D) Winner

332 Electoral Votes

Mitt Romney (R)

206 Electoral Votes

30th District

Howard Berman


Brad Sherman Winner


CA Propositions

Prop 30

Governor’s Tax Initiative

54% Yes
46% No

Prop 34

Repeal Death Penalty

47% Yes
53% No

Prop 36

Repeal "Three Strikes"

69% Yes
31% No

Prop 38

Education Tax Initiative

28% Yes
72% No

LA County DA

Jackie Lacey Winner


Alan Jackson


Local Measures

Measure A

Appointed Assessor

22% Yes
78% No

Measure B

Condom Mandate

56% Yes
44% No

Measure J

Transportation Tax (2/3 majority needed)

65% Yes
35% No

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