The Endeavour in LA

The Space Shuttle Endeavour in LA

KPCC coverage of the Endeavour coming home to LA

Endeavour starts its new life as a museum exhibit

After a cross-country trip strapped on top of a 747, and a cross-town trip towed through the streets of Los Angeles, the space shuttle Endeavour has begun its new life as a museum piece. The Endeavour exhibit at the California Science Center opened to the public Tuesday.

California Science Center opens space shuttle Endeavour exhibit today

In September Southern California residents watched intently as the space shuttle Endeavour took its maiden voyage in the skies and on the streets of Los Angeles. Visitors are now able to see the spacecraft in her permanent resting place, at the California Science Center. The Endeavour will become the center piece of the 18,000-square-foot building until a new air and space wing opens in about five years. Once that move is complete the shuttle will be displayed vertically, as though it’s ready for take-off.

Endeavour exhibit opens at California Science Center

The Space Shuttle Endeavour goes on display tomorrow (Tuesday) at the California Science Center. The exhibit will open at the Samuel Oschin Air and Science Center Display Pavilion until the center completes construction on its 170,000 square-foot permanent home, The Samuel Oschin Air and Science Center.

Photos: 'Endeavour: The California Story' science center exhibit highlights shuttle's history

Endeavour goes on display Oct. 30, along with a companion exhibit with real artifacts that show how astronauts prepared food, and used the bathroom in space. Want a preview? Check out the slideshow.

Amazing time-lapse videos of Endeavour's mission through Los Angeles

Days after the space shuttle Endeavour made its final journey from LAX to the California Science Center, the interest in the orbiter's has not died down.

People come out in droves to watch Endeavour make its victory lap in LA

Off-Ramp's John Rabe and Jerry Gorin went to downtown LA and Altadena, respectively, to catch a glimpse of Endeavour and to talk with enthusiastic Angelenos about the historic event.

PHOTOS: Your views of Endeavour and where to find the shuttle

The Endeavour is making its final journey through the streets of L.A., and you won't want to miss it. Here are the best spots for photographing the shuttle.

Photos: Shuttle Endeavour begins its final mission from LAX to the California Science Center

The spacecraft journeys across Los Angeles to the California Science Center. Couldn't see it live? Our photos will take you there.

A look back at Endeavour, the youngest member of NASA's shuttle fleet

As Endeavour makes its final journey to its home at the California Science Center, a review of the storied career of NASA's youngest shuttle.

South L.A. has mixed feelings about shuttle route

The South Los Angeles streets known as flashpoints of the 1992 L.A. riots will make history again, 20 years later. This time they will provide the route for space shuttle Endeavour’s road trip through the city to its new home, the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

A preview of the Endeavour exhibit at the California Science Center

The space shuttle Endeavour will become the centerpiece of an exhibit at the California Science Center. A preview of what's in store when it opens to the public.

Meet the man who planned Endeavour's route through LA

George L. Pla is the president and CEO of Cordoba Corporation, the Southern California-based civil engineering firm that planned Endeavour’s journey on city streets.

New LAPD challenge coin honors Endeavour shuttle

Challenge coins are a military tradition with hazy roots, but one story dates them back to World War I.

Awesome video animation of shuttle Endeavour crashing through Los Angeles

Check out this computer-generated video animation of Endeavour's proposed travel through Los Angeles, nicknamed "Mission 26" and "The Big Endeavour."

MAP: Where and when to photograph Endeavour on the streets of LA

The space shuttle Endeavour will take off on its final mission across the streets of L.A. this Thursday night, and we've got the where, when and how to take your own photographs of the historic trek across the city.

View Mission 26: The Big Endeavour in a larger map

MAP: The space shuttle Endeavour's full route from LAX to the California Science Center

The space shuttle Endeavour moves this weekend from LAX to the California Science Center. Here’s a map of the route it will follow for what's being called the final Mission 26.

Endeavour's path through LA: Full details on where and when to see it, street closures

The space shuttle Endeavour is in Los Angeles, and starting on the night of Thursday, Oct. 11, it begins its final mission, Mission 26: winding its way from LAX to the California Science Center, where it will arrive Saturday night.

Southland leaders preparing for Endeavour’s final trek

The California Science Center and the Los Angeles Police Department are mapping out final logistics for next week’s Space Shuttle Endeavour journey through the streets of Inglewood and Los Angeles.

Touchdown: Space Shuttle Endeavour lands in Los Angeles

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has landed safely in Los Angeles, after giving admirers around the city a chance to take historic photos of its last flight.

Endeavour in California and LA : Your photos

Check out our collection of photos you sent to KPCC and to the internet at large from rooftop and hillsides across the state. Possibly a balcony or two. And a beach.

Endeavour flyover delayed an hour due to fog

NASA has confirmed earlier reports that the Space Shuttle Endeavour will be delayed due to bad weather.

Endeavour shuttle lands in California after cross-country voyage

Space shuttle Endeavour returned to its California roots Thursday after a wistful cross-country journey that paid homage to NASA workers and former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her astronaut husband.

Why does NASA spell Endeavour wrong?

Putting one aircraft on top of another, in this case, makes practical sense. But why would NASA endeavor to add a useless "u" in the spelling of Endeavour?.

Space shuttle Endeavour lands in Houston on its way to Los Angeles

The space shuttle Endeavour embarked on its new life as a museum piece Wednesday, leaving behind its NASA home and heading west on the last ferry flight of its kind. Bolted to the top of a jumbo jet, NASA's youngest shuttle departed Kennedy Space Center at sunrise on the first leg of its flight to Los Angeles.

CHP: Drivers, don't space out during Endeavour flyover

The twice delayed piggyback of a lifetime is expected to fly over Los Angeles on Friday when a modified Boeing 747 strapped with an 85-ton space shuttle does a lap around the city before committing to a location.

Space shuttle Endeavour's departure from Kennedy Space Center to LA delayed again

The weather today has held up the space shuttle Endeavour’s flight to Los Angeles for a second time.

Crews to remove traffic lights for space shuttle Endeavour’s trip through South LA

About 50 traffic signals will have to come down to clear the way for next month’s journey of the Space Shuttle Endeavour through the streets of South Los Angeles.

Inglewood clears trees for Space Shuttle Endeavour's upcoming trek

Inglewood officials said they expect work crews to soon finish removing more than 120 trees to make way for the space shuttle Endeavour's historic 12-mile trek from the LAX to the California Science Center next month.

Science Center says number of trees will be increased after shuttle's trip

Many people who live in South L.A. are upset about trees being removed to make way for the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s journey next month. California Science Center executives said Monday that they will increase the number of replacement trees that will be planted in some neighborhoods.

NASA flies military jets over LA to ensure good photos of Endeavour's arrival

The shuttle's arrival on board a specially-designed cargo jet will involve a roundabout flight over L.A. so plenty of people can see it from the ground. Today's low altitude flights are aimed at figuring out how to get the best pictures of the shuttle during its arrival.

Map: Endeavour's final frontier will be a road trip across LA

Not to be outdone by something as low-tech as LACMA's big rock, the space shuttle Endeavour's is set for a non warp speed tour through Los Angeles in the fall.

NASA sending Space Shuttle Endeavour to Los Angeles's California Science Center

NASA is giving its retiring space shuttles to museums in Cape Canaveral, Los Angeles and suburban Washington.