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Off-Ramp Live: Still under construction after 10 years

Thursday, September 29, 2016, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
The Los Angeles Theatre Center 514 S. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 Map and directions
William Youngblood / KPCC

KPCC’s Off-Ramp celebrated its 10th anniversary with a live show at the LA Theatre Center in downtown Los Angeles on September 29. You can listen to the episode on Off-Ramp, and here we share some of the sights and moments you couldn’t hear in the special:

John Rabe introduced the show in his shiny new suit.

Off-Ramp Live - set

The set was staged like a classic late-night talk show, complete with a desk and house band, Harbor Party, to play in Off-Ramp’s theme music.

Off-Ramp Live - Chris Redd hat

After Chris Redd’s stand-up set comparing Chicago to his new home of Los Angeles, Rabe gave him an LA Rams cap as a welcome gift.

Off-Ramp Live - Frank Stoltze

KPCC correspondent Frank Stoltze performed his version of Tom Waits’s “Frank’s Wild Years” accompanied by saxophone and archival footage of Los Angeles.

Off-Ramp Live - Musker drawing

After Disney creators John Musker and Ron Clements shared the trailer for their new feature Moana, Musker stepped up to the board to showcase his caricaturing skills with an illustration of Rabe.

Off-Ramp Live - Rico Gagliano

Dinner Party Download co-host Rico Gagliano then joined to ask Rabe a few questions:

Gagliano: The idea here is that I interview you.
Rabe: Yep.
Gagliano: Shall we switch places?
Rabe: Nope.

Off-Ramp Live - David Whitfield

Jazz singer David Whitfield sang before sharing, “I learned to sing all the songs because we didn’t have electricity in the house. We had radio, and the battery was bigger than the radio.”

Off-Ramp Live - Broken People

Sketch comedy group Broken People performed its famous piece “Bitchy Resting Face” live for the first time. Their actual faces were quite key to the piece.

Off-Ramp Live - Rabe and Band

Rabe even joined Harbor Party to sing the lead for a set.

Off-Ramp Live - Producers

Rabe made sure to thank Off-Ramp’s first producer Queena Kim and current producer Kevin Ferguson for all they’ve done for the show.

Off-Ramp Live - Show End

The show closed out with some yacht rock jams as the audience spilled onto the stage to dance and celebrate.

Photo credit: Bill Youngblood / KPCC