Fast Forward: Designing the Future

Fast Forward: Designing the Future Hero ImageRaymond Hill 2034, Matthew R. Cunningham, ArtCenter Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

The Fast Forward: Designing the Future series, co-presented by KPCC In Person and ArtCenter College of Design, examines the intersection of technology, design and the human experience. Showcasing Southern California as a hub of innovation, we’ll explore how the interaction between humans and the world will be reshaped as products and experiences continue to impact our day-to-day lives in the not-too-distant future.

Each event will begin with a seven minute peek into the future as featured guests offer their unique perspectives on a given topic and, looking ahead seven years, how today's emergent innovations will affect us in the not-too-distant future. This will be followed by an in-depth conversation with featured guests and attendees, moderated by a KPCC host.

Past Fast Forward: Designing the Future Events

8 Dec 2016

Fast Forward: Future of Play

The power of play goes beyond entertainment: It can impact the quality of a child’s education, health and personal empowerment.

So what IS the future of play? And how is the entertainment industry and parents getting to grips with it? Join KPCC’s Early Childhood Education correspondent, Deepa Fernandes as she explores this question on Thursday, December 8 with special guests.

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10 Nov 2016

Fast Forward: Considered Consumerism

On Thursday November 10, Take Two’s Alex Cohen explores the future of consumerism and how designers are creating products to make our lives easier – and more socially conscious.

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5 Oct 2016

Fast Forward: The Post-Geographic City

On Wednesday October 5, Take Two’s A Martinez discusses the future of LA and how present and future innovations will shift where we live and how we work and play. What could a tech-intelligent home mean for older generations living independently for longer? How could traffic patterns change without humans at the wheel? With goods and services at the touch of a button, what will technology do to the workplace?

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