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Past KPCC In Person Events

Unheard LA – live in Downey (ep.5)

Downey Theatre Our second season of “Unheard L.A.” continues this March at the Downey Theatre in Downey, home of the oldest-operating McDonald’s and birthplace of Taco Bell, the Carpenters and the NASA space shuttle program.

AirTalk’s FilmWeek: 2018 Oscar preview

The Theatre at Ace Hotel On Sunday, February 25, one week before the 90th Academy Awards, KPCC In Person will convene AirTalk’s FilmWeek critics for its 16th annual Oscar preview event.

Unheard LA – live in Mid-City (ep.4)

Nate Holden Performing Arts Center Our second season of “Unheard L.A. — the stories of where you live” kicks off at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in February.

Gubernatorial town hall — a local perspective

Bovard Auditorium The contest to select California’s next governor is on. Hear what the top six contenders have to say.

FilmWeek Screenings: ‘Die Hard’ — selected and hosted by Larry Mantle

The Theatre at Ace Hotel On Saturday, December 16, Larry Mantle returned to the Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to host a screening of “Die Hard” on the eve of its 30th anniversary.

Ask an expert: Your child development questions answered

The Crawford Family Forum Our understanding of the human brain expands by the minute. Not that long ago we believed a thousand or fewer neural connections were made each second in a baby's brain. Now we know one million neural connections are made every second until the age of 3.

KPCC In Person presents ‘The After-party Download’

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Free speech vs. hate speech on college campuses

Orton Center, University of Redlands The violence in Charlottesville is one recent inflection point in the long-held discussion about the challenges of racial inequity and tension. While many of the national conversations focus on confederate monuments and the Southeast, California hate crimes are on the rise. Join KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman-Lopez on Thursday as we travel to the University of Redlands for a conversation on freedom of speech and combatting hate speech on our campuses and in our communities.

Seven Things I’ve Learned: An Evening with Ira Glass

The Theatre at Ace Hotel Second show added - tickets on sale now!

‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and Latino film culture: downSTAGE with The Frame

Samuel Goldwyn Theater, Beverly Hills The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents “From Latin America to Hollywood: Latino Film Culture in Los Angeles, 1967–2017,” a series of film screenings, live conversations, oral histories, publications and a dedicated website exploring the shared influences of Latino and Latin American filmmakers and the work they created or presented in Los Angeles during the past half-century.