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Past KPCC In Person Events

Unheard LA salon: Carson Library

Carson Library KPCC In Person’s popular community-driven series “Unheard L.A.” features Angelenos sharing first-person experiences of life in Southern California through spoken word, music, poetry, magic, and other forms.

Unheard LA – live in Monterey Park (ep.7)

East Los Angeles College The second season of “Unheard L.A. — the stories of where you live” picks back up this July at East Los Angeles College (ELAC). “Unheard L.A.” brings experiences and voices from all over the region to your communities.

Unheard LA salon: East LA Library

East Los Angeles Library KPCC In Person’s community-driven series “Unheard L.A.” puts Angelenos center stage, as they share first-person experiences of life in Southern California through spoken word, music, poetry, magic, and other forms.

Olympic Day 2018 Olympians’ Panel

The Crawford Family Forum Olympic Day (June 23) celebrates the birth of the modern Olympic Games and the ideals of Olympism. This year’s conversation will examine the status of the Olympic movement, recent revelations of the abuse of power by coaches and medical professionals and the future safety of young athletes in training and competition.

Remaking dad – a conversation on fatherhood

The Crawford Family Forum It’s common for new mothers to seek out support from other moms, swap stories and share advice. However, there are far fewer spaces like that for dads, making those conversations less likely to happen.

FilmWeek Screenings: ‘The Graduate’ — selected and hosted by Larry Mantle

The Theatre at Ace Hotel “Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson…”

Shades of hate — then, now, tomorrow (an evening of stories and conversations)

The Los Angeles Theatre Center There’s nothing new about hate in California. From its earliest days — long before the state’s entry into the union — the territory’s residents have faced prejudice and acts of hate.

Faith and the #MeToo movement

The Crawford Family Forum The #MeToo movement has rocked the entertainment, political, media and tech worlds. More recently, it has reignited old conversations and started new ones within faith communities in the United States and around the world.

Ethnic studies and the arts – a conversation

The Crawford Family Forum Ethnic studies advocates have been fighting for years to get courses focused on the history and culture of racial and ethnic groups — including black, Latino, Native American and Asian communities — to California students.

Trolls, tweets and free speech: the First Amendment on college campuses

Winifred Smith Hall How do college administrators protect free speech while also ensuring a safe environment in which students can learn and thrive? It’s no easy task, especially when you consider today's divisive politics.