Unheard LA - the stories of where you live

Unheard LA - the stories of where you live

We’re back! Join us for a whole new season of “Unheard L.A. — the stories of where you live” shows featuring community-driven storytelling.  

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KPCC In Person's community-driven storytelling series "Unheard L.A. – the stories of where you live" puts community voices and stories center stage in a series of live shows in different venues around our sprawling and too-often disconnected metropolis. Each “Unheard L.A.” show is unique and features a distinct lineup of real people sharing their true stories of struggle and survival, of hope and fear, of the unexpected and the unbelievable.

Upcoming Shows

18 Feb 2018

Live in Mid-City

Located along the Washington Boulevard corridor, the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center is operated by – and home to – the Ebony Repertory Theatre, a professional arts organization committed to bringing diverse, high-quality performing arts to the Mid-City community and the greater Los Angeles.

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11 Mar 2018

Live in Downey

We continue in March at the Downey Theatre in Downey, home of the oldest-operating McDonald’s and birthplace of Taco Bell, the Carpenters and the NASA space shuttle program. 

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 Baldwin Park
7 Apr 2018

Live in Baldwin Park

This will be KPCC In Person’s first-ever live event in Baldwin Park, and we’re excited to bring “Unheard L.A.” to this growing town, which has come a long way since its days as a cattle grazing land for the San Gabriel Mission. 

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Missed out on the first season of “Unheard L.A.” shows? Catch up here:

Past Shows

23 Apr 2017

Live in Whittier

Uptown Whittier provides the backdrop for KPCC In Person’s first “Unheard LA” show. Immerse yourself in the lives of our storytellers as they sing songs of immigration, ponder in verse, honor beloved hometowns and celebrate the rich diversity of Southern California. This show features a performance by Cornerstone Theater Company. More details and the full lineup here.

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Downtown LA
30 Apr 2017

Live in DTLA

KPCC In Person’s “Unheard LA” heads to the heart of downtown L.A. for its second show, which is at times hilarious and heartbreaking – and captivating throughout. Storytellers from across Southern California present true tales of hacking into comedy school, the magic and mania of songwriting, the unexpected charm of a dive bar and more. The comedy variety group Asian AF will join us for a special performance. More details and the full lineup here.

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13 May 2017

Live in Hollywood

Tucked away in a nondescript building on a nondescript corner in Hollywood is a striking theater that will house KPCC In Person’s third “Unheard LA,” which features Young Storytellers and community storytellers from across Southern California. Lose yourself in personal pieces ranging from a 14-year-old’s unyielding stand on screen time to a desperate search for Zumba in K-Town and the day TSA changed one person’s understanding of identity. More details and the full lineup here.

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KPCC In Person series "Unheard LA — the stories of where you live” is funded in part by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation.

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