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As a global leader in entertainment, aerospace, international trade and higher education, Southern California enjoys an abundance of resources to aid in the region's further development. It also has the nation’s most diverse population and is a hub for manufacturing and innovation. But Southern Californians face challenges in living up to the region’s economic potential.

SoCal Storylines: Conversations with movers and shakers is a series of forward-looking public forums co-presented by the Milken Institute’s California Center and KPCC. We’ll dive deep into Southern California’s regional issues by talking to people on the front lines of those issues – and we welcome you to join the conversation about how to solve some of our most vexing problems.

Upcoming SoCal Storylines Events

14 Dec 2016

Innovating for our communities

Join us Wednesday, December 14, at KPCC's Crawford Family Forum, for the final installment of our series "SoCal Storylines: Conversations with movers and shakers," during which we’ll examine regional innovation. What new and innovative ideas are helping revitalize SoCal communities? How do businesses develop leaders? What is being done to grow L.A.’s future entrepreneurs?

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Past SoCal Storylines Events

Santa Monica
16 Nov 2016

Housing L.A.’s future

The third installment of our series "SoCal Storylines: Conversations with movers and shakers," examined housing. We discussed questions such as: What’s the future of affordable housing in Los Angeles? How are officials addressing housing for the homeless? What’s being done to meet budget and infrastructure needs?

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Santa Monica
20 Sep 2016

Revitalizing our cities

"SoCal Storylines: Revitalizing out cities" examined revitalization and infrastructure. Questions we explored: How should L.A. officials deal with the city’s structural deficit? How are we developing our next generation of skilled workers? What's in the works to improve the city’s infrastructure, workforce, and overall quality of life?

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Downtown LA
23 Aug 2016

Navigating the transportation of tomorrow

The first installment of our series "Storylines: Conversations with SoCal movers and shakers," examined transportation. Questions we explored: What’s the future of transportation in Los Angeles? How is mass transit evolving? What’s next for L.A.’s airports? How will future Angelenos navigate Southern California?

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