Hard Times

Life in "post-recession" America

Off-Ramp, KPCC's weekly arts and culture program, has been exploring the damage wrought by Southern California's economic recession through the intensely personal stories of the people struggling in financial crises. The stories aired in the form of audio for radio, and as video and print online. Members of the public told KPCC their stories by responding to questions via the Public Insight Network.

Rosanna White:

For the last few months, Off-Ramp has been asking every day people the same simple question: now that recession is supposedly over, how are you making ends meet? This time Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson talks to Rosanna White, a teacher with LAUSD. Read more

Monty Phillips and Kai Schmoll:

Here's another installment of our Hard Times series, where Off-Ramp talks to everyday people and ask them how they're faring, since the recession ended, supposedly. This time, Kevin Ferguson talks with a Mt Washington couple whose plans have changed drastically: they've lost their jobs, possibly their house, but that might not be a bad thing.more


Marshelle Mills:

Marshelle Mills is a mother of three. Her husband works for LAUSD and--until recently--she worked in child development. She's been unemployed for some time, and she's even gotten a few job offers--offers that she says she was forced to decline. Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson met with Marshelle--and her infant son AJ--inside her Glendora apartment. Read more

Laurel Holliday:

Last month, Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson visited with Laurel Holliday, mother of three, who was fighting to keep her modified house out of foreclosure. This week, we follow up with Laurel, see how she's doing, and what her plans are for the future, if any. Video of Laurel, produced by KPCC's Cecile Gregoriades.Read more

Gregory Crosby, 62

In another installment of Off-Ramp's Hard Times series--where we look at those in the area left behind by our economic "recovery"--Kevin Ferguson talks to Gregory Crosby, a California native. Read more

Project Homeless Connect

On a wet Tuesday morning this past October, Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson went to Pasadena's annual Homeless Connect Day. He heard stories from several homeless people and service providers. Read more

How the unemployed give back

Off-Ramp is starting a new series about the recession, and how--even though it's supposedly finished with--has affected us in Southern California. Work is still tough to find, and LA County's unemployment rate is currently hovering well over 10 percent these days. Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson talked with some people who have found ways to make the most out of their time in between jobs. Read more

Slauson and Vermont in South Central

In our continuing series, Hard Times, Off-Ramp talks with people about how The Great Recession is affecting them. This time, Off-Ramp host John Rabe goes to a shopping center at Slauson and Vermont in South Central. Read more

LA Regional Food Bank as poverty barometer

The latest US Census numbers show more Americans are living under the poverty line than at any time in the last 52 years, when they started keeping track of the statistic. This was no surprise to Michael Flood, head of the LA Regional Food Bank, who met Off-Ramp host John Rabe in the warehouse of the Food Bank's South LA headquarters. Read more