What is KPCC Plus?

KPCC Plus lets you listen to the KPCC stream via the new KPCC iOS iPhone/iPad App or Android App and through any internet-enabled device (computers, smartphones, tablets) without any fundraising interruptions. It operates in conjunction with our on-air signal, and is available during our regular member drives. KPCC Plus delivers the day's news and your favorite programs, uninterrupted by fundraising breaks.

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When can I access KPCC Plus?

KPCC Plus will be available during our next on-air member drive: March 13 - 22, 2019

How do I qualify for KPCC Plus?

To gain access, simply contribute $60 (or $5 a month) or more. 

No matter how you give, be sure to include your email address on the donation form so that we can send you access.

I made my donation. Now how can I gain access to KPCC Plus?

All qualifying members will be emailed a unique link to gain access to KPCC Plus. If you give before the drive begins, you’ll receive an email with your access link before the start of the drive. If you give during the drive, you’ll be sent an email with your access link within 30 minutes of your donation being completed.

To access KPCC Plus, simply copy and paste the link (provided in the email) in any internet browser on your device of choice: desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

You can also access KPCC Plus directly through the latest edition of our iOS app or Android app.

You will only need to enter this code once, it will be saved within your app for the remainder of the member drive. 

* Make sure that you have downloaded the most recent update for the iPhone, iPad or Android App.

What if I'm already a member?

Current members of KPCC that annually contribute $60 (or $5 a month) or more will receive automatic access to KPCC Plus. Prior to each drive, a unique link and code will be emailed to you for fundraising-free listening.

If you did not supply your email address when making your donation, you will need to contact member services at If you’re currently a member contributing less than $60 (or $5 a month), making an additional gift or increasing your membership to $60 (or $5 a month) will grant you access to KPCC Plus.

How can I make my contribution to get KPCC Plus?

You can make your donation online at When you give $60 (or $5 a month) or more, you’ll see a check-box for KPCC Plus. Check that box, and we’ll send you an email with your unique link within 30 minutes of your donation. Be sure to include a valid email address when you make your donation.

Donate Now to Get Access

I haven’t received the email with my link yet, what should I do?

If you are a sustainer or gave your gift before the drive began, you should have received your link prior to the start of the drive (be sure to check your spam/junk folders). If you haven’t, you can email us at, or give us a call at 626.583.5121. Our member service lines are open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm during the drive.

If you just donated, please allow up to 30 minutes to receive the email with the unique  link. You may also want to check your spam or junk folders. To ensure you receive emails from us, please take a minute to add to your contacts.

Are there any other perks to donating to KPCC?

Yes! First and foremost, your tax-deductible donation goes right into supporting the top-notch, unbiased news you hear on KPCC every day. Plus, you can also take a thank-you gift with your donation. 

Can I listen to KPCC Plus on my radio?

No, it is not possible to access KPCC Plus with an AM/FM radio. Right now, it is available through our new iOS App for iPhone & iPad or Android App and any internet-enabled device.

I received my access link and code, but it does not work.

Make sure you have cookies enabled in the browser that you're using to open the KPCC Plus link. Also, if you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure you have updated your browser to at least version 9.

If the code is not working on your iPhone, iPad or Android App, be sure that you have downloaded the most recent update for the app. 

My access link used to work; now I'm getting an error message. What gives?

During the drive, please do not clear or delete cookies in your web browser while listening to KPCC Plus.

To limit sharing, each access link will only work on up to 5 different browsers or devices. After you have reached your limit, those 5 browsers will continue to work throughout the duration of the drive, but you may not be able to listen on new computers, tablets, browsers or phones beyond the first five.

If you feel as if you have not shared or used your link on 5 different browsers or devices, and you're still receiving an error message, you can email us at, or give us a call at 626.583.5121.