KPCC wants to see the Los Angeles you love. Take us to your favorite spot. Show us your favorite people. Then, share it with us.
Soon, we'll mash them up and add a little love. With your help, we'll have a megamix of what makes our city great.

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Video 101

• Take a moving picture. Hold your camera steady. Maybe put it on a ledge. Let people and things move in front of the camera.

• Get a new perspective. Before you press record, get up close or far away. Get up high or way down low.

• Keep it short. We want moving pictures that we can mix together. Try to keep your videos between two seconds and 30 seconds.

• Get it to us. Be sure to add your video to the #loveLA group. Don't change the download source file option. Keep it open!

• Camera rules. No rules. We take all videos. iPhone. Android. dSLR. Handicam. Timelapses. Slow motion. 16mm. IMAX. Send it our way!

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