Coming attractions: A look Inside the movie trailer Industry

In this special series, Brand & Martinez producer Sanden Totten takes us behind the scenes of the multi-faceted, multimillion-dollar industry responsible for creating your favorite coming attractions.

How Do You Make The Ultimate Movie Trailer?

So you want to make a movie trailer? There are few things you should know before you begin. Watch this to find out how.

How movie trailers evolved from an afterthought to an art form

Trailers back in the early days of filmmaking were hardly the adrenaline-inducing barrage of images we know today. In fact, they were mostly an afterthought. As the industry grew, the trailer became a sort of post card from the set, and famous directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille or Orson Welles would personally vouch for their latest work. Sanden Totten shows us how movie trailers evolved from afterthought to artform.

Inside one of LA's biggest movie-trailer houses

A lot goes into making those three-minute previews you see in theaters before the feature presentation. Sanden Totten profiles the LA-based Cimmaron Group, a production company responsible for trailers for big-budget movies like "Avatar," "True Grit," and "Prometheus."

Need dubstep for a movie trailer? There's a company for that

A growing number of companies specializes in making music just for movie previews. One of the most popular artists to imitate? Skrillex.

Movie trailer sound design has become survival of the fittest (Video)

The emphasis on unique sound design is one of the stylistic changes in the movie trailer industry, but the way we watch trailers is changing. Though there's more work for sound designers out there these days, firms that specialize in movie trailers have to innovate and get creative to survive in what has become an increasingly competitive industry.