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Questions we're asking now:

Tell us about your LA parking gripes

What makes you nuts you about parking in L.A.? Grave concerns and petty grievances alike are welcome.

Are you a rideshare driver in LA? Tell us where you eat

Are you an Uber or Lyft driver based in the L.A. area? If so, what do you do about meals?

Parents and teachers: Have you had an experience with preschool suspension or expulsion?

Are you a teacher or parent who has personal experience with this issue? KPCC-LAist early childhood reporter Priska Neely is interested to hear from you.

Tell us about a voicemail you saved because it meant something to you

“Tell Them, I Am” is a new podcast from KPCC featuring profiles of prominent Muslims (religious or cultural) from various industries and ethnic backgrounds. Some episodes of the podcast will feature stories from you, Muslim-American listeners, about voicemails that close family or friends have left you.

What is your experience as a senior in California?

The California Dream collaboration is working on a series of stories about seniors in the state. We want to know what issues you think elected officials should consider. And, more broadly,we want to understand your experience as a senior in California.

When did you first feel like an Angeleno?

Take Two is collecting stories to make a tribute to Los Angeles, and hopes to include your anecdote.

What's the most underrated restaurant in SoCal?

As part of a new “Take Two” series, we want to know: Where have you found unexpectedly great food? It may be a little restaurant tucked in the basement of a county building. Perhaps it's a suburban food stand where the line snakes around the corner. A place that you think is being slept on. Wherever it is, we want to know about your favorite under-the-radar spot.

Let’s talk about your side hustle

As part of a new audio series, Take Two wants to hear what you’re doing to earn extra cash.

Who got your vote for LA County Sheriff?

This is an important time for the sheriff's department and its new leader. We want to hear from residents about how they voted in the L.A. County Sheriff race.

Art teachers–how have your students or work shaped your life?

We want to hear your stories about teaching, when using or teaching the arts made a difference: maybe poetry helped bring a shy student into the conversation, or a drawing gave you a peek into a student’s world.

How did an art teacher make a difference in your life?

We want to hear your stories about the teachers — particularly, the teachers who taught you the arts or how to think creatively — who made a difference in your life.

Have you lived through a major earthquake?

KPCC is working on a nine-part series looking at what the anticipated 7.8 magnitude earthquake will mean for Los Angeles, and we would love to hear your stories.

Let's talk earthquakes: What questions do you have about The Big One and how to survive the aftermath?

What are you curious about and what questions do you have about The Big One and how to survive the aftermath?

Have you ever purchased or considered buying land in California City?

Please take a few moments to answer these short questions or to share the link with a friend or family member who may have insights.

Unheard LA: Nominate a story or storyteller

Who are the people and stories you'd like to see included in KPCC In Person's "Unheard L.A." community-driven series?

What makes your city unique?

Tell us why 'Take Two' should visit your home, and why you’re the best person to show us around.

KPCC te invita a compartir tu historia

Te invitamos a compartir una historia acerca de ti o de tu comunidad (lo que esta palabra signifique para ti) en la manera que más te acomode.

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Questions we're always asking:

What should KPCC know about the San Gabriel Valley?

What stories do you want KPCC to dig into? What interesting people should we profile?

Are you a parent with kids still at home?

Every other Tuesday, through its The Brood segment, KPCC's Take Two morning show shares stories from Southern California parents and helps answer their questions. Become a source for the Brood!

Are you an L.A. resident with a broken or buckled sidewalk?

What are your ideas for paying for sidewalk repairs?

What Orange County news should we cover?

Help Orange County reporter Erika Aguilar hit the ground running. Tell KPCC what stories you want her to look into, what topics need more and better coverage.

What are your Lunar New Year traditions?

Many Southern California residents take part in traditional celebrations to mark Lunar New Year. Traditions and superstitions vary by culture and generation, and KPCC journalists are curious to learn the way you, your friends and family celebrate the day.

Do you own a small or micro-business?

How did you get started and what were the biggest challenges you faced?

Become a KPCC news source

Become a source for Southern California Public Radio and share what you know about our world to help reporters understand what's really going on - and why it matters.

Tell KPCC reporters what makes you a 'superfan'

Los Angeles may not have a professional football team (yet), but it is home to legions of die-hard sports fans. Do you bleed blue? Do you belong to Raider Nation? Tell KPCC: What makes you a superfan?

What environment story should KPCC cover?

What environmental issues most affect you where you live, work, drive or play in Southern California? Do you see an environmental story that we're missing? Perhaps we're covering your issue, but you have specific expertise that could help us cover it better. Please take a few minutes to share what you know.

Why do you vote/not vote?

Do you vote, rain or shine, at every election? Do you vote only when an issue or candidate you care about is on the ballot? What are the real-life issues that make you go to the polls or stay home on Election Day?

What experiences shaped your views on immigration?

Are you a recent immigrant? Descended from immigrants? How does your own immigration saga, or that of your forebears influence how you view today's immigration debate?

What are the sounds unique to your neighborhood?

Every neighborhood has a soundscape, a mélange of musical and sometimes nonmusical noises all its own. KPCC's Take Two morning show wants to feature the sounds (good and bad) that provide a soundtrack to your every day.

Do you let your children play contact sports?

The conversation dominates airwaves and Friday-night football. Parents, pundits and politicians are all talking about concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Every year in the United States, more than 300,000 concussions are diagnosed. And now the NFL and others are taking a closer look at the long-term and serious effects they cause. And, as a parent or coach, you’re left to make the decision: Do you let the kids play?

Pass/Fail: What school stories are we missing?

KPCC education reporters want to hear about the experiences that shaped your views on today's schools. Whether you're a teacher, parent, student, school employee or taxpayer, everybody's got a stake in schools. Share what you know and help add depth and diversity to our reporting.

What is your expertise?

Everybody's an expert at something, be it work-related or a hobby. What's your expertise? KPCC is building a network of experts and everyday people to call on to help us add depth to our reporting and to find stories that might not be on our radar. What are you better at doing than most people you know?

Love to read?

KPCC talk shows interview lots of authors, and we get lots of suggestions from publishers about the books we cover. But we want to include you in the mix. Tell KPCC what you're reading now, and what new books you're anticipating reading.

What's news to you?

What news would you like to hear on KPCC?

How do you give back?

KPCC reporters are planning news coverage on how Southern Californians are reshaping the philanthropic landscape. How will you pass on your wealth?

What's it like to live in a family with mixed immigration status?

Are you in a family that has mixed immigration status? It's a common situation in Southern California, but seldom mentioned outside the family. Help KPCC understand more about what it's like to have a mix of immigration statuses in the same family. Responses are confidential, and seen only by journalists. Nothing published without your permission.

Bikes and bucks: Are they related?

When gas prices went sky high in 2008, more people turned to bicycles to cut the cost of commuting. With prices back down, are you continuing to use your bike as much? In what ways is your bicycle helping or hurting your bottom line?

What health stories should we report on?

Good health matters. So does good health reporting. What health-related stories should KPCC report on, and how are you involved in those issues? Are you a health-care worker or a family caregiver? What questions do you have about the new federal health care law? Are you involved in some new type of medical care? Be a news source for KPCC by telling us what health issues matter most to you, and where we should go to report those stories.

Do you know a Tiger Mother?

What's your parenting style? Are you the Tiger mom, for whom no average achievement by your child is good enough? A helicopter parent whose nurturing extends well into the college years? KPCC wants to hear from parents of all parenting styles to help inform our news and education coverage.

Do you ride or live near light rail?

What's light rail in L.A. County mean to you, your work, and your financial well-being? What experiences have you had that illustrate the safety and convenience of riding light rail and living (driving, walking or biking) in proximity of light rail? Share the untold and under-reported stories of the Blue, Red, Green and Gold lines. Are you on the routes of the extension of the Gold Line and the new Expo Line. What do you think of the proposed Purple Line extension a.k.a. Subway to the Sea?

What local history have you witnessed?

Was your family here during World War II or earlier? Were you among the first generation of families to buy houses that had been restricted by ownership covenants? Were you part of court-ordered school integration in Pasadena, Los Angeles and other areas? Our reporters are looking for seldom-aired stories about what it was like to grow up, attend school, raise a family and work in Southern California, where demographic shifts and societal changes have re-defined our region. We’re looking for living witnesses to share their first-hand knowledge for our on-air and online coverage.

Are you a veteran?

You served your country by joining the military, now you're a civilian. What story do you have about the ease or difficulty of veteran life? What could your country do better? What do we get right in the way we treat veterans?

Tell us more about yourself.

The more you tell us about yourself, the better we can find you when a story or talk show needs your expertise, and the better we can match our future questions to your interests. What kind of work do you do? Where do you live? What are your hobbies and passions? Share it here.

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