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Questions we're asking now:

Is your yard drought-friendly?

Thousands of homeowners and commercial property owners in SoCal have ripped out their lawns for more drought-friendly options. Are you one of those people? Why or why not?

Have you or your kids experienced hateful speech or treatment at school?

Have you, or your children, experienced hateful speech or treatment based on your race, ethnicity, or faith? We want to hear from you.

Parents and teachers: Have you had an experience with preschool suspension or expulsion?

Are you a teacher or parent who has personal experience with this issue? KPCC-LAist early childhood reporter Priska Neely is interested to hear from you.

Tell us about a voicemail you saved because it meant something to you

“Tell Them, I Am” is a new podcast from KPCC featuring profiles of prominent Muslims (religious or cultural) from various industries and ethnic backgrounds. Some episodes of the podcast will feature stories from you, Muslim-American listeners, about voicemails that close family or friends have left you.

What is your experience as a senior in California?

The California Dream collaboration is working on a series of stories about seniors in the state. We want to know what issues you think elected officials should consider. And, more broadly,we want to understand your experience as a senior in California.

Who got your vote for LA County Sheriff?

This is an important time for the sheriff's department and its new leader. We want to hear from residents about how they voted in the L.A. County Sheriff race.

Unheard LA: Nominate a story or storyteller

Who are the people and stories you'd like to see included in KPCC In Person's "Unheard L.A." community-driven series?

What makes your city unique?

Tell us why 'Take Two' should visit your home, and why you’re the best person to show us around.

KPCC te invita a compartir tu historia

Te invitamos a compartir una historia acerca de ti o de tu comunidad (lo que esta palabra signifique para ti) en la manera que más te acomode.

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