What's your California Dream – and have you found it?

Aleksandar Nakic/iStock

Each generation of Californians has its own version of the California dream. The dream of gold. Of well-paid work. Of a house with a car in the driveway. The promise of a better life. And a better life for your children.

California has promised affordable education. Sold itself as a middle-class mecca. The California dream has represented progressivity. Inclusivity. 

What does the California dream look like today? Is the California dream that drew you or your family to the state still achievable? 

In 2018, we’ll be launching our #CADream Project in partnership with newsrooms across California including KPCC, KQED, KPBS, Capital Public Radio and CalMatters. We want to talk with you about affordability, housing, sustainability, immigration and higher education – and how all of those things play into your idea of the California dream and where it’s headed. 

We want to know about your California dream.

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