How will you afford today's higher UC-CSU fees?

University of California

If you’re attending a state-supported university in California, what’s your strategy for covering sharply higher student fees? You might have budgeted for years to save and pay for a UC or CSU education for yourself or your kids, but the cost of attending those schools has tripled in the past decade.

In 2010, CSU trustees approved a 12 percent increase in Cal State campus tuition, and the UC Board of Regents has approved a 9.6 percent increase in University of California tuition. That's on top of UC and CSU student fee increases of more than 30 percent in just the past two years.

Are you working more, living more frugally, even delaying or cancelling plans for a degree? Are you borrowing more? Living with the folks? Eyeing a less-expensive education?

What other consequences of the college budget crunch are you seeing on campus or at home?