Scientists and engineers: excited for the Mars landing?

Mars rover Curiosity NASA/Paul E. Alers

If you're in a family that's involved in the space progam, the coming landing of the Mars rover Curiousity Aug. 5 has got to be a high point.

Of course this is a big deal for the universe, science, comics fans and those of us who just like saying “Red Planet.” But it’s also a big story for our hometown Jet Propulsion Laboratories, headquarters for the Mars Rover program.

What's it like to be part of an engineering or science-linked family as the rover Curiosity, NASA's most advanced mobile robotic laboratory, nears touchdown?

KPCC reporters are looking for a few engineering and science families to follow during Curiosity Week. We also want to know if you think the popular culture stereotypes of engineeers have any basis in your own reality.

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