If you were called before Congress about your faith community...


...What would you say?

New York Republican Congressman Peter King has called on U.S. Muslim leaders to testify before the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee about the recruitment of potential terrorists in U.S. mosques. He wants prominent U.S. Muslim leaders to explain how they support law enforcement anti-terror efforts.

If you were called to testify about your own faith community, what would you tell Congress?

If you are Muslim, what evidence do you see that your mosque is or is not a place where people become radicalized?

If you are of another faith tradition, how does this hearing change your perception of Muslims in your community? Do you see this line of questioning as a proper role for a member of Congress?

The title of Thursday’s hearing is “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response.” How does King’s asking these questions in Congress change how you publicly talk about Islam or express your faith and culture through your actions?

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