How are you involved in prison medical care?

Rennett Stowe/Flickr

What’s your involvement in prison medical and mental health care?

Are inmates getting timely care in the places that you work? Why or why not? What changes have you seen in the medical system since a receiver took over? Do you find reports of inmate neglect or unnecessary deaths to be credible?

Your responses are confidential, and nothing you share will be aired or published without your permission. If you would prefer not to use your work e-mail address to respond, you can pull up this set of questions at home by using this link:

You’re welcome to print out these questions and respond on paper, mailing it and any documents you’d care to share to my address below.

What’s important is that we get first-hand, relevant and independently verifiable information to inform our news reporting on this critical topic. Thanks very much in advance for your service to inmates in California’s prison system and for any help you can give KPCC in reporting accurately on this topic.

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