Car, bus or skateboard: how do you get around?


Our transportation choices influence our quality of life here in Southern California. How you get around can dictate how much free time you have, your physical safety, even the amount of money that’s left of your paycheck after paying for gas, insurance, bus pass or shoe leather.

What transportation do you use and why?

Help KPCC report on transportation issues by telling us how you get around, the good, the bad and the ugly. What public transit works well or could be improved? What drives you crazy on the freeway? What transit and transportation stories are untold or under-reported?

More questions: If you use light rail in L.A. County, you can tell us more about it here. And if a bicycle is your main mode of transport, we also have some questions about bikes.

Responses are confidential, seen only by journalists. We’re looking for a few commuters to tell their stories in interviews, so look for the permission buttons below if you’re willing to be public about your transit and transportation story.