Did you see Van Halen in '77 or earlier?


Reporter Steven Cuevas wants to hear from people who saw Van Halen live in Pasadena or Southern California before they signed a record deal and put out their first album. The band played gigs around Pasadena from 1974 to 1977 before they hit big. You might have seen them at Pasadena High, the Civic Auditorium or other local venues.

In the really early days, the band called itself Genesis (and gave up that name when they realized someone else had claimed it) and then Mammoth, but front man David Lee Roth suggested brothers Eddie and Alex use their last name for the band.

Responses are confidential, so nothing you share is aired or published without your permission, but hey-- Steven needs someone to go public about the Pasadena music scene's hometown guitar heroes! So tell us what you saw, heard and what made it matter. A KPCC journalist will write you back.