Do you vote your religion?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It has been called this country’s greatest achievement: the separation of church and state. But while this division characterizes the American democracy, it is nearly impossible to divorce one’s beliefs from the way he or she votes.

If you’re a resident of Southern California, we invite you to “According to My Religion: A community conversation about faith and voting” on Monday, October 15. KPCC’s South L.A. reporter José Martinez will moderate this small- and larger-group discussion about the ways religious views shape choices in the voting booth. Rather than look to a panel of experts, attendees will respond to a series of prompts designed to draw out challenges, concerns, and nuances around the complex and personal connection between faith and politics.

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We want to hear what you have to say. Tell us how your religion informs your voting ... or how you're able to keep politics and faith separate.

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