California’s new voting system: Yea or nay?

Will Culpepper/Flickr Creative Commons

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new voting overhaul law last fall that gives counties across California the authority to dramatically change the way voting works. A handful of counties are expected to roll out the change starting in 2018. Some Southern California counties that are adopting the change, including L.A. County, are expected to make the shift in 2020. 

In counties that choose to adopt the new system, most neighborhood polling locations will be shuttered. Voters will be encouraged to mail in their ballots or visit "voting centers" to vote in person. The new centers will be open for a period of several days, expanding the time you can vote. But they may require traveling much further to cast a ballot as there will be far fewer voting centers compared to traditional polling locations. The new voting centers will also allow for expanded services like same-day voter registration. 

Under the new system, you’ll be able to cast a ballot at any voting center that you choose without the need for provisional ballots (these are currently used for voters who go to the wrong polling location). 

We want to hear your thoughts about how this will affect your voting life!