Ages 18-23: Will you vote in 2012?

2008 early voting in Norwalk, CA. David Markland/Flickr Creative Commons license

You're young and you hear it all the time, especially from political candidates: You are the future.

So do you plan to help shape the future by castng a vote in the 2012 presidential election? Why or why not? What drives you to the polls and what keeps you away?

KPCC political reporters want to know what's on the minds of Americans who became eligible to vote in the past four years. Has Barack Obama's presidency made you want to support him for another term or does it send you in search of an alternative in Mitt Romney or a third-party candidate?

What's going on in your daily life, your work, and your community that influences whether and how you'll vote?

Responses are confidential, so nothing you share is aired or published without your permission.