How did the 2003 grocery strike change your shopping?

Thomas Hawk, Creative Commons License/Flickr

Workers at Ralphs, Vons and Albertson’s grocery stores in the Southland are preparing to go on strike. KPCC reporters want to know how the last grocery worker strike -- in 2003 -- changed your food shopping behavior.

Did you avoid or cross a picket line? Did an unfamiliar store get your business? What new shopping habits did you develop in the strike that stayed with you? Whether you are a grocery worker or a shopper, what is your plan if there is another strike?

Your responses are confidential, and seen only by journalists. Nothing you share in response to these questions is aired or published without your permission. However, we are looking for a few people to do interviews with our reporter, so if you're willing to be public with your story, please click the permission buttons letting us know.

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