#IfIHadAVote: What does voting mean to you?

More than 39.1 million people call California home. Only 24.4 million of those people are eligible to vote and even fewer are registered.  

As part of the California Counts collaboration, we’ve been asking community members about the issues most important to them this election season. We also want to hear from people who aren’t eligible to vote: children who aren’t old enough, permanent residents, immigrants in the country illegally and those currently incarcerated or on parole. 

Please take a few moments to answer our questions. We welcome yours as well. (You can also reach out to us via social media using the hashtags #IfIHadAVote and #CACounts.) 

We read every response, and they all help contribute to our California Counts election coverage. Responses are confidential. If you're willing to go public with your responses, however, look for the permission button below and click “yes."