Did you leave Arizona because of SB 1070?

Protesters denounce SB 1070/Campus Progress via Flickr Creative Commons license

KPCC news reporters want to hear from immigrants and others who left Arizona over SB 1070.

Signed into law by Gov. Brewer on April 23, 2010, it makes it a state requirement to carry legal US identification papers at all times -- often leading to the profiling of working-class immigrants and Latinos. It is believed to have led to an exodus of immigrants from the state.

Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the section of the law that lets police ask for I.D. The court overturned the sections that would have made it a state misdemeanor to live or work in Arizona without legal immigration status. Does this decision change your relationship with the state of Arizona?

If you left Arizona, where did you go and why?

Responses are confidential, so nothing you share is aired or published without permission.

Se fue de Arizona a razon de SB 1070?

Los reporteros de KPCC quisieran saber de inmigrantes o Latinos que se hayan ido de Arizona a causa de la ley SB 1070.

Firmada el 23 de Abril de 2010 por la Gobernadora Brewer, SB 1070 obliga a que residentes de Arizona tengan que llevar consigo identificacion a todo momento--y esto ha llevado a que la policia pare y arreste a un gran numero de trabajadores inmigrantes y Latinos.

Se dice que SB 1070 provoco un exodo de inmigrantes de Arizona a otros estados, como California.

Si usted se fue de Arizona, a donde se mudo y porque?

Sus respuestas seran confidenciales, nada que nos diga saldra al aire o sera publicado sin su permiso.