What's your LA: past, present and future?

nateog via Flickr/Creative Commons license

As part of KPCC's observance of the twenty years since Los Angeles erupted in rioting and fire, we're asking you to share your vision of L.A. -- the city and region that was, today's L.A., and the Los Angeles you long to see in the future.

Your response is confidential, but if you'd like your words, images and voice to be part of an online and on-air feature of our anniversary coverage, look for and click that "yes" permission button.

Ready to participate? Great!

First, read the questions and think about what you want to tell Los Angeles. Then, locate a photo of yourself or an image to share with your answer. If you are able to record yourself answering our questions on a computer, digital recorder or smart phone, you can upload that too, just look for the upload links below.

No matter how you participate - with voice, photos or written words, a KPCC journalist will write you back.