Let's talk about Prop. 187

The US-Mexico border fence.
The US-Mexico border fence.
David McNew/Getty Images

The federal government and California are battling over sanctuary policies; the feds have sued the state over three state laws meant to protect undocumented immigrants.

But, back in the 1990s, the roles were reversed. The state blamed the federal government for  not doing more to stop illegal immigration. Californians passed Proposition 187, also called the “Save Our State” initiative; it would have denied public services to unauthorized immigrants. 

Federal courts prevented Prop. 187 from being implemented. But the fight over it helped transform the state’s politics and people’s identity as Californians. 

If you lived in California back in 1994, we want to hear from you.

What was your experience during the debate over Proposition 187? How did that moment in California history change your view of the state, if it did? 

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