What's your real estate plan for 2012?

Photo credit: TheTruthAbout via Flickr

Real estate values have fallen, leaving recent buyers or those who borrowed heavily against their equity owing more than their homes were worth. Although the drop in values is concerning, not everybody is in mortgage trouble.

KPCC reporters are exploring the housing choices people are making, and the challenges and opportunities they find as real estate values stabilize. We're also interested in hearing about mortgage modifications, property tax reductions and other aspects of property ownership you are encountering. We're looking for Freddie Mac borrowers who have been trying to refinance their homes.

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Finally, if you purchased your home with Countrywide mortgage, you can see some specific questions from our reporters here. We're interested in reaching Countrywide borrowers of all ethnicities to report more deeply on allegations from federal authorities that the company steered minority buyers into more expensive mortgages.