Teachers: Is your district's discipline system working?

gish 700/flickr creative commons license

An LAUSD teacher is removed from his class, accused by the district of inappropriate behavior, yet he gets reinstated to his job and paid a $40,000 settlement to quit six months later. His teaching credential remained unblemished for six more months and was suspended only after he was charged with 23 felony counts of lewd acts.

Was this typical? Fair? Protective of students?

What about the opposite situation? A teacher is removed from classroom work on an allegation of misbehavior and told to report daily to a no-work reassignment center while the district takes months or even years to resolve questions about his or her career.

We know there are other disciplinary actions that fall in between those two extremes, and KPCC schools reporters are turning to teachers and others to understand more about this process. Your experiences can add depth to KPCC education reporting.

It's confidential. Responses are seen only by journalists. Nothing you share will be aired or published without your permission. And a KPCC journalist will respond directly to you.

We want to hear from as many teachers as are willing to confidentially share their insights. Please circulate the link to our questions with others who have relevant experiences: http://bit.ly/kpccteacherdiscipline