US & World

'Shoot first, ask questions later': Ronan Farrow on a diplomacy-less State Department

CIA Director Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un; 'Good relationship' formed, Trump says

Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at 92

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images
Astros get first ever Series victory at home

Business & Economy

FAA orders inspections of engine type that blew apart on Southwest flight

Help is not on the way: Ikea-owned TaskRabbit offline after security breach

Starbucks to close thousands of stores for an afternoon of bias training

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Los Angeles, other California cities have a rentable motorized scooter problem

Environment & Science

'Houses disappeared' when tumbleweeds rolled into Victorville

SpaceX launches NASA satellite to search for alien worlds

Should Elon Musk's Westside tunnel get to skip environmental review? Some LA leaders think so

Take Two®
The LA River was trashed — before these 900 people came to help


Inside the fight for the 'soul' of the California GOP

Gov. Brown orders California National Guard mobilization

Trump says he will walk out if North Korea meeting not 'fruitful'

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After mishandling Parkland shooter tip, FBI answers questions from Congress


More kids are getting access to pre-K in California, but it's largely quantity over quality

Ref Rodriguez filed two finance forms for 2014. They don't line up

Who's paying for Garcetti's promise of a second free year of community college? The state, mostly

Photo by Carla Javier/KPCC
Why Yo-Yo Ma visited this Corona middle school

Arts & Entertainment

How #MeToo informed a filmmaker's second documentary on Harvey Weinstein

What's it like to pose for David Hockney? We asked the people in his portraits

Is MoviePass at a loss to change the way we buy movie tickets?

The Frame®
How 'FernGully' inspired a generation to pursue environmental justice

Crime & Justice

Protesters rally outside Philadelphia Starbucks after arrests of 2 black men

DA to air more evidence in Durst's murder case

Judge bars prioritizing grants for police who cooperate with immigration officials

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What we know about the police killing of an unarmed black man in Sacramento


Waze causing traffic, accidents, Los Angeles councilman says

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti talks about the future (his and the city's)

Los Alamitos upholds ordinance blocking state sanctuary law

Photo by Luceli Ceja
Take Two®
For Luceli, being an Angeleno means feeling cold in moderate temps


Former first lady Barbara Bush in failing health, not seeking further treatment

Health care prices in California would be set by government under new bill

The lowdown on high deductible health plans

Photo by Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images
How community clinics could help disaster victims