Striking Writers March on Hollywood Boulevard

Thousands of striking entertainment writers marched along Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday. KPCC's Brian Watt says the strikers got a lot of help from outside their union.

[Sound of Alicia Keys singing, with crowd of strikers doing backup]

Brian Watt: After almost two and a half weeks on picket lines, striking Writers Guild members enjoyed a serenade from Grammy-winning songstress Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys: And I want you to know that I am a writer.

Watt: A lot of people who don't write scripts joined the writers' march along Hollywood Boulevard.

Joshua Pechthalt: Teachers understand the struggle of anybody who works and is trying to make a decent living.

Watt: Joshua Pechthalt taught social studies at Manual Arts High School for 21 years. Now he's an officer of United Teachers Los Angeles.

Pechthalt: I would think that some of our members are actually also members of the Writers Guild as well as members of the Screen Actors Guild.

Watt: When the marchers reached a temporary stage in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, they heard from Writers Guild leaders, L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti, and Sal Rosselli of the Service Employees International Union.

Sal Rosselli: We have leaders of our janitors' union here that remember when the Writers Guild supported them in their fight against the studios. SEIU home care workers are here, and health care workers, and nurses, and security guards, and government workers.

Watt: The march was the writers' last public demonstration before they break for Thanksgiving. On Monday, negotiators from the Writers Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers plan to re-start contract talks.