Rose Bowl Puts Off Decision On USC

The USC Trojans couldn't make a deal at the Rose Bowl Thursday night. University officials submitted a lease proposal to the board of the Rose Bowl Operating Company to play their home games in Pasadena, but KPCC's Brian Watt says the Rose Bowl operators put off a decision.

Brian Watt: Sure, the Trojans get to play an illustrious game in January called the Rose Bowl, but during the college football regular season, UCLA is the Rose Bowl's home team and prime tenant. USC Senior Vice President Kristina Raspe made that clear just after submitting the Trojans' lease proposal to the Rose Bowl Operating Company.

Kristina Raspe: UCLA has the right to have the best possible lease here, and we are respecting their, their superior, superiority here.

Watt: You can hear how tough it is for a Trojan to cede superiority to the Bruins, but since USC is looking for room at UCLA's inn, it's understandable.

Raspe: They ultimately have the approval right over the final lease document, and so we would be waiting to hear their thoughts on that document.

Watt: USC proposed a one year lease at the Rose Bowl, with an option for another year. After nearly two hours in a closed session, the Board of the Rose Bowl Operating Company, or RBOC, delayed any action on USC's proposal. Chairman Bill Thomson said the board also wants UCLA to weigh in, and:

Bill Thomson: The RBOC believes its best interest at this time is to allow USC and the Coliseum Commission to continue negotiations.

Watt: Rocky negotiations with the LA Memorial Coliseum Commission are what prompted USC to knock on the Rose Bowl's door. USC's played its home games at the Coliseum since the place was built more than 80 years ago. But the Coliseum needs substantial upgrades, and USC and the commission have been unable to make a deal regarding those upgrades.