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McCain Wins California Republican Primary

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John McCain beat Mitt Romney in the California Republican primary on Super Tuesday. KPCC's Frank Stoltze went to a Hollywood nightclub where McCain's supporters were celebrating.

Frank Stoltze: A small group of McCain supporters celebrated the Arizona senator's victory at a nightclub in Hollywood.

David Lasdon: I think it's great. I think that he's headed for the nomination.

Stoltze: David Lasdon works in advertising. Who'd he like to compete against McCain in November?

Lasdon: Doesn't matter. Whoever their best candidate is, that's who we'll face off against. Doesn't matter to me.
Stoltze: A true sportsman.
Lasdon: Thank you.

Stoltze: Former Huntington Park mayor Rosario Marin served as U.S. Treasurer during the first two years of the present Bush Administration. She said it's time for all Republicans, even those who consider him a moderate, to support McCain.

Rosario Marin: It is my hope that the conservatives will unite behind him. And more importantly, as we go into the general, I know that he will appeal to a very significant number of independents.

Stoltze: Voters who rated the economy and the Iraq war as the most important issues strongly backed McCain in the primary. Those who focused on illegal immigration preferred Mitt Romney.