LAPD Promotes First Asian-American Deputy Chief

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The Los Angeles Police Department has appointed its first Asian-American deputy chief. The honor went Monday to 28-year LAPD veteran Terry Hara. KPCC's Brian Watt went to the Police Academy for the promotion ceremony.

Brian Watt: Bagpipes are usually prominent in police pageantry, and this ceremony had them, but it started with Taiko drums from Japan. Terry Hara was born in Long Beach, but he's the grandson of Japanese immigrants. The 50-year-old deputy chief says, when he joined the LAPD in 1980, the force looked a lot different.

Terry Hara: There were only approximately 60 API, Asian Pacific Islander officers on the department, and today, we have over 750.

Watt: Hara has worked as an undercover narcotics officer and a motorcycle cop. He's supervised patrols, and he's trained for senior management. Most recently, he's been Commanding Officer for the Operations West Bureau. That promotion, like the one to Deputy Chief, came from Police Chief Bill Bratton.

Bill Bratton: When I leave after my ten years time in this department, there will be no glass ceilings left in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Watt: Terry Hara will now oversee police operations from Hollywood to Venice.