American Cancellations Cause Delays for Passengers at LAX

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American Airlines plans to ground hundreds of flights for inspection. It's the fourth day in a row of safety inspections and passenger headaches. KPCC's Brian Watt has more on the 15 departures scratched Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport.

Brian Watt: For some American Airlines passengers at Terminal 4, a uniformed service representative named "Carolyn" was the bearer of bad news.

Carolyn: Yes, that flight's been cancelled.

Watt: She directed the unlucky travelers to a separate line where they could learn about other options. As he waited in that line, Tony Rock said the airline's bad timing was likely to ruin his own.

Tony Rock: Yeah, they need to send out like an email or something like that the night before to people, to let them know, "expect delays."
Watt: You didn't get one?
Rock: No, no, and I have a show tonight at 8 o'clock in St. Louis. I'm a comic. This'll just be more material for me.

Watt: The joke was on lots of fliers, including Anna Eleazar. She'd arrived at the airport hoping to fly back to Austin, Texas. Eleazar asked "Carolyn" why American hadn't told her sooner that there wouldn't be a flight.

Carolyn: It cancelled actually about 45 minutes ago.
Anna Eleazar: What was the reason for cancellation?
Carolyn: It's probably mechanical. That's what the problems have been for the last couple of days.

Watt: Eleazar, an accountant, has flown 12 other times this year, for business and pleasure.

Eleazar: All the airlines are crashing, you know, as far as their financial conditions. You know, it's starting to make me, you know, iffy about everything.

Watt: She waited to see whether this latest delay would mean she'd have to spend another day in L.A.