Assembly Speaker to Introduce Bill Condemning Immigration Raids

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California's Assembly Speaker plans to introduce legislation condemning workplace raids by immigration agents. Los Angeles Democrat Fabian Nunez chose to unveil his resolution Tuesday at a company that's trying to connect with its young customers through edgy casual wear and pro-immigrant rhetoric. KPCC's Brian Watt has the story.

Brian Watt: On the American Apparel factory in downtown's Warehouse District, the city's biggest garment maker has painted a giant "Legalize LA" banner in step with immigrant rights marches planned for this week. American Apparel representatives say the federal government's requested documents to prove that its employees have the legal right to work in the United States. The company has complied, said its attorney, Peter Schey. But he added this:

Peter Schey: This company will come down like a ton of bricks on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement if that agency decides to take discriminatory action and to penalize this company solely because this company has had the guts, and the courage, and the wisdom, to come out in support of national immigration reform.

Watt: Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez applauded the company. After a quick tour of its factory, he told reporters that if Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents saw him there wearing jeans and one of the company's t-shirts instead of a dress suit, they'd probably detain him based on his appearance.

Fabian Nunez: This overboard meat-axe approach denies workers and employers their rights, and it harms families, it harms neighborhoods, and it harms entire communities.

Watt: A spokeswoman for the federal agency said it conducts searches at worksites based on warrants and likely criminal violations. She added that the government has taken no formal enforcement action against the factory or company.