Inglewood Police Release Audio Communications in Police Shooting

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Inglewood police on Wednesday released the sound captured early Sunday morning when officers shot and killed an unarmed man. KPCC's Frank Stoltze has more.

Frank Stoltze: The audio suggests a chaotic scene as officers hear gunshots, then see a man running across a parking lot outside a Rally's Drive-Through Restaurant.

[Sound of police radio]

Stoltze: Inglewood Police Captain Eve Irvine says the man running was not the shooter, and it's unclear whether the gunfire was aimed at police.

Captain Eve Irvine: Yes, there are some of our witnesses who say we saw this subject shooting at where the officers were. But we haven't put all that together yet. We're still trying to investigate it to find out if that's accurate information or not.

Stoltze: Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks has said officers believed the shots were coming from a car that was coming at them, in part because the man running jumped into that car. Officers killed 19-year-old Michael Byoune and wounded another man in the car, both unarmed. The chief said officers are prohibited from shooting at moving cars, except in certain circumstances.

Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks: That circumstance would be based on whether or not the officers felt their life was in supreme jeopardy. In this case, we have that.

Stoltze: Seabrooks called the incident "uniquely tragic." At the shooting scene, family and friends of Byoune balked at the chief's justification. John Edwards is Michael Byoune's cousin.

John Edwards: I understand they heard shots. When you hear shots, you just don't shoot the first car you see moving. That ain't right. The kid just coming to get a burger.

Stoltze: Byoune's family says they don't have the money to bury him. They've started collecting donations.